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General Provisions

By entering and interacting with the Website getrhodestransfer.gr you agree with the terms and conditions of this page. By using, viewing, caching, storing, or otherwise interacting with this website you agree to all and every one them. The present terms apply to all contract completed in whole or partially using the website, unless otherwise expressly agreed by another document.

By making a booking with getrhodestaxi.com you agree that you are legally bound by those terms. Please read them carefully. If for any reason you do not agree with any of those below, you regrettably are not able to proceed to a booking order.

The following terms and conditions apply to direct clients of getrhodestaxi.com as well as to the clients who have made a booking via an agent, unless otherwise expressly agreed in this page or in another document. The following rules are also applied to the offers and promotions provided by getrhodestaxi.com, save that they are followed by their own terms and conditions contrary to the terms and provision provided in this page.

The following terms and conditions apply not only to the persons who complete the booking but every other person listed or participated as a passenger on a transfer arranged or booked by getrhodestaxi.com .

It is expressly agreed that, as terms and conditions are also included the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), whenever applicable. If terms and conditions of the page have a clearly contrary provision to that of the FAQs, the applicable is the one mentioned on this terms and conditions page.

Cancellation policy

Please note: getrhodestransfer.gr don’t refund any money from your reservation after a cancellation.

Contractual Ability

By entering into a contract with getrhodestaxi.com you verify that you are at least 18 years old and and you are eligible of participating a contract according to the applicable law.

Product and Services

The website getrhodestaxi.com is a cooperation of individual taxi drivers, regarding pre-booked transfers. getrhodestaxi.com may act as an agent of third party service providers in the name of which it provides the services. Any special needs or circumstances regarding your transfer must be provided to the third party in advance.

You have the burden of providing the correct details regarding your transfer. getrhodestransfer.gr and the third party services shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of the incorrect processing of your booking. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result the delay or the cancellation of reservations.

Booking and payment

All the prices on this website refered to a transfer services are final prices, including VAT and every other legal charges (provided that these charges are not changed by the State) unless it is stated otherwise in this website or the Transfer Voucher or in the confirmation e-mail.

Payment for service requested is to be made at the time of booking. The booking confirmation (Transport Voucher) is for all effects, the client’s ticket. The voucher must be printed and presented to the getrhodestaxi.com cooperative driver or third party before the transfer is to be effected. Any other booking request, e-mail correspondence or other document has no validity as a travel document.

It is the client’s responsibility to check all information printed on the Transport Voucher in order to confirm that the booking corresponds the the information given at the time of booking. Any errors must be communicated via email to getrhodestransfer@gmail.com before the transfer is to be effected. In case the client does not present the Transport Voucher to the service provider, the latter has the right to deny the service, without the obligation of money return or other reimbursement.

getrhodestaxi.com has on any case the right to cancel the booking, provided that the client was informed properly and on time. On this occasion getrhodestaxi.com is obliged to return the whole amount paid, back to the client. In case that the client cancels his booking, for whatever the reason, he has no right for reimbursement unless otherwise expressly agreed.

In case that the client is unable to received the booked services (i.e. change of date/time of arrival), he may reschedule his transfer to a different date and/or time, without cancellation, provided that getrhodestaxi.com has the ability to do so (i.e. there are no other bookings on the same date/time). By the time the client is aware of his unability, he must immediately inform getrhodestaxi.com in order for the reschedule request to be processed.


According to the present terms and conditions you expressly agree to indemnify getrhodestransfer.gr , its officers, staff, suppliers, third party providers and other partners from and against any liability, expenses (including legal fees) and damages which arise out of claims resulting from any material you post to or transmit in any way through getrhodestaxi.com website including (among others) claims for Intellectual Property rights or defamation.

Transfer Provisions & Denial of Service

In case where among the client’s party there exist one or more infants or persons with disability, the client must contact getrhodestransfer.gr , before booking in order to find out if the transfer can be served.

Animals are not generally allowed in TAXIS. If, though, you carry small pets you must contact getrhodestransfer.gr/ , before booking in order to find out if the transfer can be served.
Additionally, up to 4 laggages there is not extra Charge, for every extra item ( Laggage ) you should be in contact with getrhodestransfer.gr

Smoking, eating and drinking is forbiden in getrhodestransfer.gr/ service suppliers. Additionally, according to Greek Legislation, all passengers are required to have their seat belts fasten. For any breaches of the law the passengers are solely responsible and are obliged to pay any fines resulted from these breaches.

On exceptional cases the service provider (cooperator or third party) may deny his service, if, at the time of transfer, he assumes that the client or any of the client€™ s party is potential danger for him or the car. Such occasions might be (indicating but not limiting) if the client or any of his party are drunk, under the influence of drugs or other illegal substances, carry weapons or other illegal material etc. The service provider may also deny his service for all the reasons mentioned in the Greek and European Legislation applicable to the TAXI services.


If at any case or whatever reason getrhodestransfer.gr does not use the rights deriving from the contract or the applicable law, this does not mean that getrhodestaxi.com is waiving from these rights.

For the best delivery of your service, if and whenever you think that your rights deriving from the law or this contract are breached, you must state it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be considered that you waive from that right and no indemnity or reimbursement shall be pursued.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

Getrhodestransfer.gr does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, availability, completeness and performance for a particular purpose of this website or any part of this website. getrhodestransfer.gr does not guarantee that this website is free of viruses and it is not liable for any direct or indirect for any kind of damages arising from any kind of use or your inability to use of this website. The uses of this website would not be provided to you without the above mentioned limitations. Wherever in this website there are advertisements or external links to third webpages, it is clear that these third webpage are solely responsible for their own content.

getrhodestaxi.com does not express or in any way imply any guarantees for the information and services provided by this website.getrhodestransfer.gr shall not be liable for transmission errors or for delays, cancelation of reservations or any other acts of negligence of any third party service providers.

Refunds and reimbursements are only given by getrhodestransfer.gr under the provisions and whenever the requirements are met, according to the FAQ section of this website.


If it happens for you to experience any problem regarding the services provided you can submit a post-trip complain contacting us at taxi@getrhodestaxi.com within the first 28 days after your return travel date. Complaints arising from failure to comply with these terms and conditions will not be taken into account.

Contact us address
Address : Kremasti Rhodes island
Tel : +30 6934541300

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy followed by getrhodestransfer.gr is with accordance to the mandatory rules provided by Greek and European legislation.

getrhodestaxi.com will take measures to secure the private information (physical or electronic) provided by every client during their visit or booking in this website. getrhodestransfer.gr will not use these informations for purposes other that the services provided under this website, according to their booking.

An offer or a promotion may have different privacy provisions, for which the client will be informed before using this offer or promotion.


All the material in this website (video, audio, texts, images, domain name, logo etc) is protected by Greek and European copyright laws. You are not permitted to download, copy, store, reproduce transmit or distribute in any way any of this website€™ s materials without our previous written consent. All the brand names, products, logos and trademarks appeared in this website are property of their respective owners.

Users must not reproduce, download, store in any medium, distribute, transmit or retransmit, manipulate, sell, or in any other way use any of the material used in this website. All photos, stories, portfolio or testimonials appeared, mentioned or reported in this website are true and genuine. It may occur, though, for promotional reasons that some of the material might be fictional, but in accordance with all greek and european consumer and advertising regulation.

Validity of Agreement

All provisions are considered to be essential for the contract. If for any reason you do not agree with any of those below, you regrettably are not able to proceed to a booking order.

If any of these provisions (including the provisions stated in the FAQs section) is found to be invalid, unenforceable or unlawful by any court or authority of the competent jurisdiction, this part-provision is to be excluded from the contract as if the offending provisions had never been agreed, without affecting the validity of the other provisions, which will still remain in force.

Your rights emerging from the contract are not to be transferred to a third party without our previous written consent. We may transfer any of our rights or obligations without your prior consent.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any claims arising out or are connected to these terms and conditions (including non-contractual-disputes) will be governed by and interpreted by the Greek law. Any disputes or claims arising under or with connection with this terms it is expressly agreed that shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

Changes to the terms and conditions and FAQs

We strongly suggest that you read these terms and conditions and the FAQs for updates amendments, every time you are visiting or you are about to make a booking order. These terms were last updated on 30/05/2018.

You can use our contact us form for a free quote or to get in touch with us. You will receive our response as soon as possible.

Most Frequently asked questions

If my flight is delayed, should I inform Get Rhodes Transfer?

Our company is informed for flight delays, so you won’t have to call us. Our drivers become aware of flight delays without any extra trouble for you. our professional driver will greet you at the meeting point

Where will I meet the GetRhodes Taxi Transfers’ driver and how can I recognise him?

Our driver will be waiting in the arrival section of the airport, holding a GetrhodesTaxi Transfers’ sign with your name.

What should I do if I arrive before the driver?

You should remain in the arrival hall until the driver comes, or communicate our company. You can find our telephone numbers at contact page. Note: If possible, activate your mobile phone as soon as you arrive at the airport.

How can I ask for a baby seat?

You can ask for a child’s seat by reservation. Please mention it in the reservation form and fill in the child’s age as well.

What if our luggage is more than the vehicle’s capacity?

In case your luggage is more than the vehicle’s luggage capacity, we can arrange transfer with another vehicle with an extra charge. Average luggage capacity of our vehicles is four medium-sized pieces of luggage. Mini bus luggage capacity is eight pieces of luggage for Mini Vans Vito / V- class and average capacity ten luggages for Mini Bus Sprinter.


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    An essential introduction of Rhodes island Explore the some religious unique landmarks in Rhodes Travel along the picturesque north coastline.


    Our first destination the well known village of Lindos. Here you can take a walk through the picturesque alleyways of the village, buy  some souvenirs and  explore the ancient acropolis of Lindos  either by foot or by having a ride on a donkey.


    In this excursion we will be visiting some of the many attractions of our island. You will travel in comfort and relaxing atmosphere, full a/c and entertainment system


    Our first destination the well known village of Lindos. Here you can take a walk through the picturesque alleyways of the village, buy  some souvenirs and  explore the ancient acropolis of Lindos  either by foot or by having a ride on a donkey.


    In this excursion we will be visiting some of the many attractions of our island. You will travel in comfort and relaxing atmosphere, full a/c and entertainment system


    A buzzing metropolis and tourist attraction by day,Rhodes town assumes a magical glow by night.